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The Future of Technology!!

Internet of Medical Things 

Artificial Intelligence of Things 

AI and Machine Learning 

Coming Soon!!!

Integrated Biometric Detection System (patent pending)- Our biometric technology provides wireless, real-time, continuous monitoring and biometric detection to promote transparency, accuracy and efficiency in health with a personalized approach. 


Our technology combines both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) edge technology to provide greater health insight using a non-invasive approach.  The system will monitor and identify trends in biomarkers to promote early detection of viruses and diseases.  

Logiksavvy Innovations have been selected by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud to participate in the Diagnostic Development Initiative (DDI)  This strategic collaboration will support our ongoing efforts to accelerate research and development of innovative healthcare technology focused on early virus and disease detection and diagnostics.   

AWS Diagnostic Development Initiative (DDI)
Our Integrated Biometric Detection System:
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