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Listens to the body in real-time for better health outcomes. 

BioInsyte is reimagining healthcare to promote health equity


Our innovative technology BioInsyte, is a comprehensive Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) healthcare platform that is designed to work in tandem with healthcare staff to provide a more efficient and effective healthcare experience.


BioInsyte, we strive to mitigate staffing shortages by providing real-time critical health monitoring, automate patient intake and triage while prioritizing patients' critical health needs. This will promote positive health outcomes and provide physicians real-time patient insight. Our goal is to make healthcare more accessible and effective for everyone.  

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  • Real-time patient monitoring

  • Patient intake/triage automation 

  • Prioritization of patient care



  • Chronic & critical health trends 

  • Health disparities 

  • Public health preparedness 

Healthcare providers


  • Transparency in patient health 

  • Staff workflow optimization 

  • Enhance patient experience

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