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Building innovative technology that impact the world and empower our community! 

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Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, LogikSavvy Innovations LLC is a pioneering research and development (R&D) startup that marries the realms of innovation and research to drive transformative change. Our proactive approach to R&D allows us to craft disruptive technologies that will enrich our world and empower our community.


Rooted in a data-driven ethos, we are committed to unearthing the insights and solutions that hold the key to addressing some of humanity's most formidable challenges. Our journey spans the fertile grounds of both technology and research, fueling a potent synergy that guides our mission.


At LogikSavvy, we're dedicated to research and development that harness the power of Data, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Our unwavering passion for technology and community drives us to craft forward-thinking solutions that provide an unparalleled user experience.


Our primary focus lies in tackling some of the world's most pressing challenges through meticulous research. We collaborate closely with our esteemed solutions partners, university collaborators, government agencies, and technologists to cultivate a thriving innovation ecosystem.

Join us as we embark on a profound journey of exploration, where the realms of research and innovation converge to create a symphony of progress. At LogikSavvy Innovations, we're not merely embracing the future – we're actively shaping it. Experience the fusion of innovation, research, and community-driven technology that defines us.     

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